How to choose the right phone?


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Choosing the best mobile phone for your business can be a minefield for the unwary. New handsets are coming out all of the time with extra features and enhanced funtionality.

How do you choose the right one for your business needs?

Don’t get seduced by the latest “flavour of the month” handset – it might do what you want it to do but you might not be using all of its features and that means you are paying extra for functions you won’t use.
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Getting the best mobile deal

To start with, imagine how you will use your phone. If you already have business phones think about all of the functions you currently use.

Email – do you want full email on your handset?
Internet – do you browse occasionally or use it all of the time?
Operating System – which OS is best for you?
Input type – standard, touchscreen or QWERTY keyboard?
GPS – do you already have a SatNav in your vehicle?
Durability – does the phone take a beating?
Storage capacity – do you store music/photos/files?
Entertainment – will you use this phone in your leisure time?
Handset type – slide/touch/standard?
Manufacturer – do you have a manufacturer of choice?
Camera – is resolution an issue?

Write down the answers and from this we can tell you the best handsets to give you the business functionality you need.

If you are looking for multiple handsets it may be that different people will use their phones in different ways.

Reps on the road might need GPS, data and internet whilst office-based staff only need voice and texts.

A mixture of handsets can be supplied tailored to your business.
Getting the best mobile tariff

With a choice of handsets you will normally be able to find a tariff that gives you the necessary minutes, texts and data with the handset free of charge.

We can provide quotes on several different tariffs with different networks if required.

From these you will have the final decision on which one you feel is best for your business.

Make it easy on yourself, get in touch with us to find the best mobile for your business, saving you time and money too.

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Using a combination of mobile devices can empower your staff further and improve productivity.