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Want a Nokia mobile phone for your business?

The business mobile phone market is complicated.

Perming the mobile phone handsets available by the number of different tariffs supplied by the major networks results in an astronomical number of combinations.

If you get the combination wrong you could be paying too much each and every month over the course of a possible 24 month contract.

We work hard on your behalf to get you the best business mobile phones on the right tariffs.

How it works

We will look at your current arrangements to see where savings can be made. We can analyze your bills and provide a report showing you where and how we can save your business money.

We look at a number of variables to put together a package that best suits you:

Mobile Phone Handsets

How many handsets do you need?
How are you using them currently?
Are there extra features that could help improve your communications? (eg GPS, email, internet)
Do you need the latest technology or is durability more important to you?
Business Mobile Tariffs

Do you need/want a particular network?
How many inclusive minutes/texts are required?
Do you use your phones overseas?
Is inclusive data for email and internet required?
Do you need a BlackBerry server solution?

Once we have this information we can search the available tariffs to get you the best deal.
Range of options and personal service

We can provide you with a number of different options to choose from.

New handsets are usually provided free of charge, subject to the tariff option chosen, and we can also provide extras such as in-car chargers, bluetooth accessories and other items.

If you decide to become a customer you will be looked after from day 1 with excellent customer service. We don’t have a call centre staffed by robots, you will always deal with a real human being who wants to help you.

We have many customers of longstanding who recognise that the personal service we provide is unparalleled.

For your own personal business mobile quotation click here.

* From 1-200+ handsets
* Free Tariff Analysis
* Cost Reductions
* Improved Communications
* Latest SmartPhones Free
* BlackBerry BIS/BES support
* Mobile Data Solutions
* iPhone/iPad available
* Dedicated Account Manager
latest technology
Picture of a tablet device
Using a combination of mobile devices can empower your staff further and improve productivity.