iPad uses for business

Business iPad and other mobile devices

 Tablets are big business in the consumer market and they are increasingly being used by businesses who recognise their usefulness.
Whilst iPads are expensive to buy, you can find them free of charge on selected tariffs or as part of a larger business mobile contract.

Although there are other tablets available, and more released seemingly daily, the iPad is very much the market leader. Our experience of them is that they are reliable and adaptable. They also benefit from the largest number of apps available for any mobile device via Apple’s itunes.

Competitors include a number of Android tablets, most notably the Samsung Galaxy Tab in a similar price bracket, and increasingly lower priced, smaller units such as the Google Nexus 7.

iPad uses for business

We are not finding sales of iPads in specific sectors but rather across the board. All types of business user will find a use for an iPad, from racehorse trainers making use of idle time on the way to the races, to creative types who can jot down their ideas at any time inspiration strikes.

Even those who are initially sceptical about their use within their business soon warm to the number of possibilities that are available with such a useful device. We find the best way of selling them is to demo them – once a customer has a try and sees how easy they are to use and what they can do they are usually sold.

As prices fluctuate, and there are a number of different models and options, please contact us for the latest business iPad deals and offers.

iPad Repairs London

If you’re using your iPad for your business then you need to make sure it is in top working condition at all times. However, we’ve all dropped our iPad at some point, or accidentally spilt our coffee all over it. Don’t panic!

Square Repair in London provide expert repair services in the same day or even faster if you choose their express option. Drop it in to their central London shop or get a courier to swing by your office and pick it up and then return it to you once it’s fixed.

Square Repair will get your iPad up and running again so you can get back to work. Click here for iPad repairs.

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