SmartPhone benefits for your business…

Business benefits of SmartPhones

 SmartPhones are becoming ubiquitous with regular consumers. As more individuals recognise their usefulness and switch to SmartPhones, it is inevitable that businesses too will follow suit.

In fact businesses have been first adopters of SmartPhone technology with their extensive use of BlackBerry handsets, but SmartPhones have moved on since then driven by Apple and the incredibly successful iPhone series.

For some businesses, where durability is more important than connectivity, there are other phones which might suit their requirements (although there are also rugged SmartPhones on the market now). But for the majority of business mobile users the smarter the better.

Some SmartPhone benefits for your business…

Power in your pocket – you have the computing power of a basic laptop in a device small enough to be carried anywhere. With wireless and 3G technology you can work from your phone as if you were in the office (almost).

Keep yourself organised – the average SmartPhone comes with a personal organiser, electronic diary, contact lists, and automatic reminders to name but a few of the functions which will organise your daily workload. They can be synced to your office so you never miss any important reminders.

Always online – unlike a laptop your phone is always on and, with push email, it is receiving data instantly. It enables you to be continuously accessible and productive.

Find your way around – most SmartPhones have GPS and a map function which can be used to plan routes and find your way on foot. There are also numerous apps which can be used to turn your phone into a satnav in your vehicle.

Access your company data – securely connect with your company information to access details of prospects and important documents. You can also access general information online, for instance to answer customer questions.

The power of applications – SmartPhones real differential is their use of applications. All of the operating systems have some sort of store where you can buy general business apps or ones that are specific for your business sector and usage. Larger companies can even develop their own.

SmartPhones on a business mobile contract

We are not restricted in the handsets we sell and can provide a full range of SmartPhones on a range of business tariffs. Which one will suit your business best will depend upon how you are going to use it – contact us for advice.

You can mix and match different SmartPhone models or have a combination of smart and feature phones. The choice is yours.

We will match your usage to the best available tariff across the major networks and provide you with new phones according to your requirements.